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時間:2012-04-20 09:37來源:essay應該怎么寫 作者:essay應該怎么寫 點擊:
核心提示:essay應該怎么寫?告訴您各種essay的標準寫法- essay里一定不能有私人用語-essay里的段落一定要有順序-essay 里不能寫縮寫字

代寫essay 1, 在essay 里,你不能用第一人稱,比如:I,me,mine,my(我)這些你要是一用,就是扣分。
2, we(我們)這只有在指很大一個數不清的集體的時候可以用,比如 :our humans 我們人類,這樣的可以用。要是只是指你和你朋友我們,那樣的話不行。
3, essay里一定不能有私人用語,比如 stuff 東西,這種說法感覺太私人。
4, essay 里的語句一定要很肯定,不能含糊,比如:she is like friendly towards him. 她好像對他很友好。 句子用了 ‘好像’,這就是不肯定。
5,essay里的段落一定要有順序,每個段落里都要先有開頭句topic sentence(一個話題),然后支撐句 support sentence, 結合句 linking sentence,總結局 conclusion
7,essay 里不能寫縮寫字,比如 cause,because 的縮寫,不能有

Agreement: 主語和謂語在人稱、數上的一致,關系代詞與先行詞的一致。
Ambiguity: 盡量不去使用可能引起歧義的詞語或句子。
Brief: 文章"簡為貴",要抓住要點,簡明扼要。
Coherence: 文理通順,前后連貫。
Development: 主題的發揮應當充分、合理、正確。
Division: 詞匯、句子、段落要分配使用得當,劃分要清楚,避免使用重復字句和種子片段。
Figures: 正確合理使用各類修辭格式。
Inflated diction: 不使用做作的語言。
Key: 用適當的關鍵詞突出主題,每段都應有主題句。
Logical: 內容要符合邏輯。
Message: 信息要新鮮、確實、可信。
Omit: 合理刪除多余的不必要部分。
Proposition: 主張、觀點、論述要清楚肯切、合情入理。
Punctuation: 正確適時使用標點符號。
Relevant: 文章一定要要題。
Sentence pattern: 句型要盡量多樣化。
Strait: 開門見山,直來直去。
Style: 文體恰切,適合內容要求。
Tense: 動詞時態要正確、一致、變化合理。
Theme: 選題得當,主題突出。

Essay 由 introduction, body, conclusion, reference四部分組成,下面以這篇文章為例,教你如何寫作一篇符合格式的essay
全文統一用times new roman字體,小四,1.5倍行距
Essay 是理論性較強的論文,通常情況下,一定用第3人稱,禁止出現“I”,“we” “our”, “you”, “your”這些第一,二人稱字樣,注意語言措辭,多用些副詞。為了避免使用 第一人稱,某些地方可以用被動語態或其他句型代替。
1, 由于essay理論性較強,請用相關例子來支撐論點,避免空談理論
2, 在敘述完了理論之后,請一定要對理論進行評論,體現作者的critical thinking
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Introduction (essay的introduction只有一段,但由兩部分內容組成。藍色字體的地方是introduction的第一部分, 它相當于一個開篇,引出Essay代寫這篇essay的主旨。然后從this essay will開始是introduction的第二部分,介紹本文結構,不要再用the structure is like this這樣的語句了,比較chinglish。介紹結構請統一用將來時態)
Since the setting up of the first factories in the late eighteenth century, management had become a problem seriously affecting the factories’ production. Then, management was gradually recognised as an important element of the success or failure of a company. Until the nineteenth century, the systematic and scientific management theory came out with its leading thinkers, two of whom were well known as Frederick W. Taylor and Elton Mayo. Both Taylor and Mayo stated the importance of the productivity and cooperation between managers and workers. This essay will firstly discuss these similarities in their different management theories and how they relate to each other. Following this, it will explain the differences of the two theories concerning the consideration of the human beings during management. Finally, it will look at how the two theories affect the feeling of workers and support increasing the productivity and maximising the efficiency.
Similarities and relations in management theories of Taylor and Mayo
Although Taylor and Mayo have different management theories, they both aim to make workers more productive and efficient during the management. Taylor, the founder of the movement known as ‘scientific management’, states ‘The principal object of management should be to secure the maximum prosperity for the employer, coupled with the maximum prosperity for the employee’ (Taylor, 1947, p.36). According to this, workers should be trained as ‘first-class’ and follow the methods of the work which managers have carefully analysed and set up. Workers are not responsible to think about the way of doing the work, and they just do what managers
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tell them to, and that makes them more productive, which is the aim of work. Taylor is much concerned about increasing the output of the production systematically and scientifically and at the meantime decreasing the cost per output. Taylor (1947) believed that by scientifically selecting them, workers would possess the physical and intellectual qualities to enable them to get work done systematically and efficiently and consequently achieve the output. Similarly, Elton Mayo also pays much attention to productivity and efficiency. Mayo (1933) introduced rest pauses as one technique and explained its importance for accomplishing work productively. The rest periods eliminate the monotony of the work, which can lead to ‘pessimistic reveries’ (p.59). Workers could re-participate into the task fast due to the relief of postural fatigue and impaired circulation during the rest pauses. Generally speaking, both Taylor and Mayo treated labor as the main sour
              by Sandy Kreisberg
          Founder of the Cambridge Essay Service 


-Why are you seeking an MBA from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business? What do you hope to experience and contribute? What are your plans and goals after you receive your degree (750 words maximum). 這是今年芝加哥商學院的典型問題。

  -Briefly assess your career progress to date. Elaborate on your future career plans and your motivation for pursuing a graduate degree from Kellogg (One to two double spaced pages).

  -Please discuss the factors influencing the career decisions you have made that, in turn, have led you to your current position. Why is now an appropriate time to pursue an MBA, and what will you contribute to the class entering in the fall of 2000? What are your career goals for the future, and how will you avail yourself of the resources at the Wharton School to achieve these goals? 沃頓商學院的類似問題似乎問得更為具體。



  1. 在你過去經歷的基礎上構筑你的目標。


  所以不要說“My goal is to become a consultant to high-tech firms starting business in Asia”,最好的說法是“Based on my experiences working in India and Hong Kong as a programmer and business analyst, and on my project leader work at Cenco Corporation in Singapore, my long term goal is to return to this area and start a consultancy advising large technology companies how to 'do business' as an employer in these countries.”。


  2. 把你的目標分成階段性。

  想使你看起來很有理性,對人生深思熟慮,最好把你的目標分成階段性:長期目標、中期目標和MBA畢業后的短期目標。分段構思使你能夠真正達到長期目標,而且讀來也十分可信,同樣為你攻讀MBA提供了合理的解釋。學校能在成千上萬的人中發現你就是因為它們確信你知道畢業后什么工作最適合你(他們同樣想知道這種工作是否可能實現,是否其他畢業生已擁有同樣的工作,你也應該在寫之前看一看)。應該與學校的Career Office聯系,了解最近的畢業生從業情況,你對自己未來事業的描述必須有同樣的起點。

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